Learn in a few hours the theoretical and practical bases of coffee preparation to become a master barista at home!

This workshop is for anyone who’s interested in coffee and wants to learn more - whether it's to prepare a great coffee on a Saturday morning, or learn about the world of coffee to eventually become a professional. The training is given by one of the two owners of La Finca - after all, this is a great way to share our passion!

The full workshop is offered in two blocks of approximately 3 hours each. Depending on your needs, it’s possible to follow a single block or even better, to follow both blocks to really deepen your knowledge and skills!

*Please note that the workshops are given in French, but we can translate whenever needed! Upon request, we can give an exclusive workshop completely in English, given that you book the class with the minimum number of people required. You can select this option when booking a spot below!


Block 1 - Introduction to the world of coffee

This class of approximately 3 hours includes a bit of theory, a demonstration of different brewing methods, and of course, a coffee tasting! This is the basics you need to fully introduce yourself to coffee, presented in four parts:

1- Coffee origin

  • History of coffee: its discovery and spread around the world

  • The different coffee ''waves''

  • The importance of grain origin: different varieties, altitude, maturity and drying techniques (washed, honey, natural)

  • The different coffee labels (organic, fair trade, direct trade)

2- Roasting

  • The importance of proper roasting to honour the grain

  • Presentation of the Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel

3- Water quality

  • How water quality can affect the taste of coffee

4- Infusion

  • Demonstration of coffee preparation using different brewing methods

  • Tasting to detect the peculiarities of each method

  • The methods presented are batch brew filter, Chemex, V60, French Press, Aeropress, Moka pot and espresso - which will be the complete subject of Block 2!

Price: 75$ per person

Duration: approximately 3 hours

Number of participants: 4 to 8 people

When: every second Monday of the month at 6pm

Where: La Finca café & bureau, 1067 de Bleury, Montréal

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Block 2 - Preparing a good espresso

This class of approximately 3 hours includes some theory, demonstrations and a lot of practice! This is the basics you need to understand how to prepare a good espresso at home, presented in two parts:

1- Espresso extraction theory and practice

  • Learn to identify the different tastes: bitter, sour, sweet, salty and understand the balance you want in a good espresso

  • Understand how different parameters affect espresso extraction: input quantity, quantity extracted. tamping, water temperature & grind

  • Espresso tasting, extraction defects diagnosis and understanding how to adjust settings to improve coffee quality

  • Practice, practice and even more practice for preparing a good espresso!

2- Introduction to latte art

  • Difference between drinks served with milk (macchiato, cortado, flat white, cappuccino, latte)

  • Different types of milk: 1%, 3.25%, soy, almond, etc.

  • Method to obtain perfect milk for latte art: temperature and texture

  • Latte art demonstration

  • Practice period to make a basic latte art design

Price: 100$ per person

Duration: approximately 3 hours

Number of participants: 2 to 4 people

When: every third Monday of the month at 6pm

Where: La Finca café & bureau, 1067 de Bleury, Montréal


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