Having a coffee at La Finca is not just getting a caffeine fix. It’s drinking quality coffee, encouraging sustainable and direct trade, and especially privileging the whole chain of human beings behind this delectable product!


Proud to serve coffee from roaster De Mello Palheta

Before opening La Finca, we were charmed by the unique and exceptional tastes of their coffees during a blind tasting. Still today, they amaze us with a variety of coffees that sparkle our taste buds every time! And this is without counting their involvement to work directly and sustainably with small coffee producers. Learn more about their philosophy here and discover their coffee varieties here.


A privileged relationship with Don Eli farm in Costa Rica

Did you know that the espresso you drink at La Finca comes from small exclusive lots from the Don Eli farm in Costa Rica? Thanks to De Mello Palheta, we’ve had a special relationship with this coffee producer and his family since 2017. This allows us to serve an espresso from direct trade, for which we pay a fair price. This means that this family can count on our coffee purchases year after year to achieve some economic security and peace of mind!

Come visit us in person to taste our different varieties of coffee! We also prepare delicious homemade drinks such as lemonade, iced tea, smoothies and more!