Above all, La Finca is human beings passionate about coffee!

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The owners

La Finca was opened by two great friends, Geneviève Loignon-Houle and Marie-Laurence Guindon, in August 2016. We had only known each other for a few months when we decided to go on a trip together. Our shared passion for coffee has led us to El Salvador, where we visited several producing farms and followed our barista training. On the way back, it was no longer a question: we were going to leave the corporate environment in which we were bathing and open a coffee shop together!

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The chef

The one behind all these croissants and other delicious treats is the talented chef Alexandrine Grégoire-Guindon. After working at Pâtisserie Rhubarbe Patisserie for 3 years and participating in the opening of the restaurant Le Butterblume, she joins the team of La Finca to run the whole kitchen side. She changes the selection of pastries, sandwiches, sandwiches, salads and soups according to local and seasonal products, while ensuring that everything is homemade, even croissants and bread! Click here to consult the current menu.

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The family

Above anything, La Finca offers a relaxed service in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We first and foremost opened the coffee shop for fun, so spontaneity and humor are the order of the day and it is not uncommon to hear lots of laughter! Some people have worked with us since the very beginning, others are passing through - but everyone is passionate about coffee and will always be part of the family!

Where does the name La Finca come from?

Finca, in Spanish, means a plantation, a small farm, a house. We wanted to refer to the coffee plantation, but also to the fact that we want everyone to feel at home at La Finca!